Where horse raising sport and breeding come together

About us

At Stal ‘t Hofstee horse raising, sport and breeding come together. We have many years of experience in the equestrian business and work together with various specialists. We guarantee quality and good horsemanship.


Hippische ondernemer 2016

Horse raising

Paarden oog

200 young horses

Raising stables available for 200 young horses.

Stalling paarden

Professional stabling

Spacious, dry and well-ventilated stables.

Jonge paarden

Daily free movement

Daily free movement in the paddocks. During summer season 24/7 in the fields.

Good quality food

Good quality roughage, in combination with nutrition.

Roughage analysis and nutrition calculation

A balanced diet. Feeding schedules for every age and target.

Vaccination and deworming schedules

A professional vaccination and deworming schedule to keep the infection risk low.

Veterinary guidance

Professional guidance by the equine veterinarians of Dierenkliniek Oldenzaal-Losser, with periodic general checks.

Paarden tandarts

Free jumping

Facilities for free movement and free jumping. Possibilities for taking pictures and videos.

Paarden springen

Support by blacksmith and equestrian dentist

Weekly support by the blacksmith and periodic support by the equestrian dentist.

Paarden hoefsmit


CSI Twente
  • Prepare jumpers for tests and (free jump) competitions
  • Educate young horses
ramona paardensport
  • Ride horses at jumping competitions
  • Our own horses, but also horses from clients
  • At any level, from competitions for young horses till (inter)national level
  • Our own horses and horses from clients for sale
  • Mediation by sale
  • Always looking for talented young horses


Inseminatie- en merriebegeleiding paarden

Stal ‘t Hofstee is a certified AI-station where also gynaecology is possible through our collaboration with Dierenkliniek Oldenzaal-Losser. Dierenkliniek Oldenzaal-Losser provides gynaecological support for your mare. Insemination is done by certified employees of Stal ‘t Hofstee. Stal ‘t Hofstee also offers stabling possibilities for breeding mares, for both short and long periods of time. Semen is available from almost all Dutch and foreign stallions.

Geboortebegeleiding veulens

A large number of foals are born every year at Stal ‘t Hofstee, with use of birth transmitters and camera systems. When the foals are old enough they can go to the raising stables, after being separated from their mother. Pregnant mares have to be vaccinated against the herpes virus (rhino).

Stalling van paarden

The insemination, gynaecology and birth guidance make it possible to stable breeding mares, for short and longer periods of time. When the foals are about six months old, they can go to the raising stables once they are separated from their mother. Separated foals immediately get a buddy. From there on they are transferred to a larger group.

Equine practice

The Oldenzaal-Losser veterinary clinic has located its equine practice at Stal ‘t Hofstee. This not only makes gynaecological guidance possible, but also veterinary inspections and other examinations.

Take a look at their website Dierenkliniek Oldenzaal-Losser / paarden. The equine veterinarian is at the equine practice on daily basis during the summer and several times a week for veterinary guidance during the winter.

paarden voedingsconsulent
  • Periodic general checks
  • Manure research
  • Deworming and vaccination schedules
  • Castration
  • X-ray examination
paarden medicijnen
  • Professional veterinary guidance
  • Sales inspection
  • Lameness examination
  • Clinical examination
  • Blood test
geboren veulen
  • Gynaecological supervision
  • Support en advise for birth guidance
  • Ultrasound
  • Bacteriological examination